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Chiropractic care
Chiropractic care

Student athletes take on a lot these days. School, homework, work, social life, late nights, and the physical and mental demands of their sport. Dr. Jackie has seen an increase in stress in this population over the past few years. She is passionate about helping them. Through regular chiropractic adjustments, athletes can recover from injuries, stay healthy, and prevent future injuries. By seeing a health care provider regularly, they learn healthy tips to take care of themselves now and for a lifetime.

Chiropractic Care for Student Athletes

Beyond regular chiropractic adjustments, student athletes may also qualify for our Student Athlete Program.


This is a program designed for those recovering from injuries or looking to go far in their athletic career. The program consists of chiropractic adjustments and sport-specific exercises provided by Trainer Veronica Dilzer of Revolution Fitness.


Dr. Jackie and Veronica teamed up over a year ago to help athletes get healthy and stay healthy. Call today to ask if you or your athlete qualifies and how to get started.


We cater to athletes involved in soccer, football, hockey, baseball, softball, gymnastics, swimming, golf, rowing, and equine events.

Our student athlete program

Help bring your athlete's brain and body back up to speed.

Get back in the game. Call Thrive Chiropractic today.


Concussion care

Concussion is a big buzz word these days, and rightfully so, they are not to be taken lightly.

Dr. Jackie has seen many athletes endure concussions from football-related injuries, impact on the soccer field, or a slip and fall. No matter how it happened, it’s a serious matter.


Most people will adapt, recover, and pass a routine neurological exam within 1-2 months. However, adaptation is not healing. Residual effects of concussions can stay in the body without being detected.


Even if it was years ago, it may be an important step to have yourself or your athlete evaluated and adjusted.