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Bio-Geometric Integration (B.G.I.) is an understanding that everything is connected. In the body, this means our thoughts, emotions, ligaments, blood chemistry, bones, and lifestyle habits, are all connected. When you get adjusted, these all shift and transform. The adjustment is more than just restoring the brain and body connection to facilitate your healing process, it’s an evolutionary process that begins in your cells.


B.G.I. chiropractic care is unique because it offers a very gentle approach to the adjusting process. When a doctor is able to identify where your subluxations (blocks in your internal communication network like the nervous system) are, it doesn’t take force to get them to unblock, but a keen awareness of helping your brain and body realize the block is there, and then your body gets to work on clearing it. This means your body learns, grows, and evolves and doesn’t become dependent on a practitioner to do the work, so you get stronger.


Dr. Jackie has trained with exclusive B.G.I. doctors to earn a Master's level of education from their team, and currently sits on their teaching staff.


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